Black and White Digital Photography

When we start at the beginning of photography we start with the black and white, monochromatic image.  In early photography this was the only way to capture an image.  Now we can say that Black and White photography has grown into so much more than just an image without color….

We can describe Black and White photography as being timeless, powerful, emotional, passive, raw, dramatic and so much more….

When looking for images for Black and White Photography view your subject matter through the lense of value and contrast.  Ask yourself what this image would look like without color?  How do light and shadow define the form.  Think about both Black and White and all of the Values in between.

Think about how contrast tells your viewer the story of your image.

Remember when working with Digital Photography, even if your camera gives you the option to take photos in Black and White always choose color.  Color conversion in Photoshop provides more information and does a better job at converting an image to black and white.


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